Hello World!

That’s how all these blogs start, isn’t it? Nevermind, I’m not here to grumble. At any subject. I’m just trying to sort all the things spinning in my head at the moment, as well as to figure out what should my blog really look and sound like. But before I started, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name’s Kira, I’m a journalism student in Moscow. Doing, in fact, all kinds of stuff, from working part-time on the news radio to taking part in US-Russian student organization, occasionally doing some graphics and photos, working with sound, communicating and running around like a mad squirrel. My focus in life shifts constantly, and perhaps the only thing that never really vanished from my everyday life was observation.

I observe 24/7/12. And that’s nothing I can deal with and just not do. I observe, and I sketch. Then I read what I’ve sketched, curve my lips and move on. Yesterday’s writings never look good enough for me. So I wake up with a new day, make a deep breath, crawling out of the blanket into the chilly room, move my cat from my pillow and the observation begins. I can see details on somebody’s clothing, tiny patterns on the bench, a birth spot on the neck of some random stranger. I don’t control it, I just do. My memory is full of useless and sometimes even useful details, names, faces, and smells. Smells are probably the strongest thing imprinted in my mind. I also do associations. I can’t help comparing things and finding similarities, even if they’re of no matter. That’s what I do. And while I’m trying to reform and organize my inner closet, I’d like to share with you a couple of stories that never fail to find me. Truth it is – I usually don’t look for stories, although as a journalism student I’m probably supposed to. The stories find me. As well as people. As well as situations. As well as places.

They say that you must find your Element – the thing, the action, the space where you feel happy, fruitful and confident. I have no idea how that should feel, but for where and who I am now this thing is traveling, soaking impressions, and storytelling.

So let the journey begin.

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