Off On An Adventure

Written at 12 pm – my Internet provider still totally blocks wordpress.

In six hours I have to head to the airport.
Well of course nothing is packed, and by nothing I mean nothing. But the golden rule is – if you forget something outside the packing list, which only has essentials, then you don’t really need it.

This summer was totally crazy – it was the first in three years that I mostly spent in Moscow, and it’s been quite something. New challenges, new experiences, and wonderful new friends. 6 visas in my passport, and I got the last one – South African – just on Friday. If you can avoid it, never go to SA embassy in Moscow. Just a friendly advice. Hehe.
Funny, but even now I don’t quite realize I’m going somewhere. But it’s the best way to start a journey. You just behave like nothing is happening, like you’re just going to the grocery store to buy cookies, but with a heavy suitcase. You pass through the airport gate with a poker face. You keep that slightly bored expression on your face while going through the passport control. You keep calm even when you want to kill that lady who’s doing her best to get ahead of you. You read a book or watch a movie during the flight, pissing off the air hostess by still reading from your iPhone when the plane goes down. And then – boom – you’re in another country, too late to worry.
Moscow is sunny today, and it’s not hot, which is nice. I still have stuff to do – exchange money for the UK, buy cigarettes for my friend who suffers in there from high prices, finish money planning and change a plan on my cellphone. But the more things you have to do the more time you get in the end.
I’ve heard so many warm and supportive words in recent week that I even feel uncomfortable – do I really deserve such an amount of good friends&good wishes? Thank you all.
London, here I come. Semester at Sea starts in 6 days.

Now – Domodedovo airport with its beautiful free wifi. The boarding will start soon. Damn I like what I’m doing and where I’m going.

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