London, Daynight

Aug 19, 2013

London. Plane 30 minutes late. Missed my train to the city. Tube closed. Well, the fun has begun! But it seems so unimportant in comparison with the fact that I’m here.

Had to get a new ticket, the ticket machines at Gatwick South terminal didn’t accept credit cards; had to bother the ticket guy twice. Got one for 11 pounds – well, better than 17 from the machine! Have to try to get a refund, if possible. We’ll see.
Okay, now we need to get to Clapham Junction, and then catch a bus to Putney Station. Ohh I’m starving. Om nom nom nommmi!! Only got a few pieces of dark chocolate left…
Sleepy! It’s what, 5 am in Moscow??
Nope, 4.
Met this awesome guy from Kosovo in the railway’s waiting hall while dealing with my tickets. He’s been comforting his Portugese friend who just broke up with his girlfriend. They helped me with my luggage on the train, then the friend got off, and the Kosovo guy started talking to me. Turned out he worked at Gatwick as a chief at a French restaurant. Had a breakup himself after 8 years of dating – gf cheated – but forgave her and they reunited. All these train stories! Now he was sad that it took longer than he expected and he’s coming home late.
I advised to leave a note for his girl in the kitchen;)
Thanks to the unexpected help from this guy, I got to Putney safely and easily found Jean-Marc’s apartment. He’s my host – I’m couchsurfing – and he’s a local CS ambassador. It’s awesome in here, and London is beautiful – and smells beautifully!!!
It’s an apartment of a true traveler, furnished with great taste and full of relics from all over the world. No, this guy is amazing. To let in a total stranger (he’s away on a business trip and left me the keys by the door), and to prepare everything so well. I’m very touched. And it’s a good start!

Aug 2o, 2013

12:43 pm
Rali is arriving to Victoria in two hours. Haven’t seen her for ages! Excited.

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