The Ship: Day Two, Adjusting

Well, today was much better – the sea got calmer and Jack Sparrow’s walk was not always necessary. And the headache only kicked in in the evening. Today I had my first classes, and my throat is totally sore from talking to people.
Everyone is so curious about Russia and everything connected to it that until the end of the Saint Petersburg part I seem to be on high demand, just like one of those objects from the cabinet of curiosities. Will be doing a couple of presentations in the next few days.
It’s strange how fast you actually get to know the staff on the ship – I seem to have more interaction with all the professors and executives and administrators than with students now, and the next two days I have meetings almost every hour. But that’s because I’m in the role of an inter port student, the one who tells people about his/her home country before arrival. Well, you have an idea, I do what I like to do.
Yesterday I didn’t get much sleep. Spent most of the day with Dmitry Strovsky, a first Russian professor aboard ever. He teaches journalism at Ural Federal University (or whatever it’s called in English), but he’s also extremely good with piano. So after talking for half of the day yesterday Dmitry said that he felt like playing, and we ended up in the Forbidden Forest (Glazier lounge on deck 7, which is only for staff and faculty), because there’s a great grand piano and way less people than in the student union and piano lounge on deck 6, where two other grand pianos are. So I just parked my chair quietly in the corner, and he played and sang for over an hour – world classics, Russian war songs and romances. Just imagine the setting – the gloomy lounge, dark sea waves rolling outside, the rocking of the ship and this old, special music coming from the beautiful grand piano. Minding that Dmitry prefers to play alone – I was just hypnotized. I didn’t even get into trouble for this. And I mean – c’mon.
My today’s classes (I wasn’t even late for either, although the first one started at 8 am) were Globalization Through Film and Global Music. It was funny to watch Sokurov’s “Russian Ark” later today for an assignment, as my mom worked at this movie in the administrative team. Turned out to be quite popular, this movie. Was very difficult to watch it because of the tiny TV screen. Come on creativity, we need to do something about that! Allright. Another busy day gone. Gotta go to sleep. See ya!

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