Next stop – Saint Petersburg

Is this day really coming to an end? I’m a mess. I can’t really think, but I just keep talking in automatic mode. I desperately need sleep, but I also don’t want to miss the last evening with prof. Dmitry… Man am I tired!
Tomorrow I have to start filming, and it’s all starting to take shape only now.

But I want to play on spontaneity tomorrow and see what it will look like. I have a feeling that I’m making errors in every sentence I write.
I had six meetings today apart from two classes, and there was some change in the schedule so I still have to explain people what, where, when, how. My voice is down.
I’m sitting at the piano lounge now, and the boys got a jam session – guitars and a ukulele. Can’t concentrate, but they’re doing great. Now – attention! Picture test. Will it work?

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