Already in Germany (And Saint Petersburg Too)

What is this canal we’re sailing through, Kiel canal? I see the shore and the trees so close that it feels like I could touch them. Next stop is Hamburg, today is September 4th, and this is the first time I had time and powers to write a blog.

Last week was crazy and busy, I’m still catching up my sleep and trying to relax. It was a fun beginning of the voyage, but I surely did not expect it to be so full of events and everything.
Saint Petersburg went by like a dream, and I guess it won’t be the last time it feels like that. I showed some SAS folks around, went to Peterhauf twice, and to the Hermitage museum. And my favorite donut place near Nevsky prospect that’s been there forever – Pyshechnaya, they’re over 50 years old. I highly recommended it to all the SASers, for it’s so cheap and the donuts are delicious, and it was really popular. One professor’s family that had 7 kids aboard went there two or three times and reported that they’d consumed around 200 donuts.

Saw a part of my family and some dear friends – Ilona, my classmate, came from Moscow for a few days, and we just ended up rolling on the grass in Peterhauf while my granddad who drove us there enjoyed a cup of coffee under the tent.

Filmed. Ate donuts. Gulped in the fresh river air. Took a trip to the Smolny college with Chic and his wife Nancy, the ship’s psychologist. Watched the SASers trying hard to find an ice bar (there’s none). But it all felt like sleepwalking. Stepping off the constantly moving ship onto the solid ground – ugh! Capt’n Jack Sparrow says hi again. You’re just quietly walking down some street and suddenly poof – the angle changes, and you realize you’re not walking as straight as you thought. People might think you’re drunk, and go try to explain it’s called land sickness!

Piter has changed, again. They got free wifi all the way down Nevsky prospect, and in all major city parks and palace complexes. It’s pretty much wheelchair accessible, even the metro. There’s this New Holland island in the middle of the city which is now just a cool hipster place, and I’ve never been there before. There is also a flea market at Udelnaya metro stop which I’ve never heard of before – people got some cool stuff there.
Now all the attention switched to the German girls, and my voice is slowly coming back. Dmitry’s one is still gone, though – so he says from South Africa where he now attends a conference.
I keep thinking that this ship makes people so close and so far at the same time. It’s not one of these huge ocean liners where you never run into the same person twice, but it’s still not a small one. Just imagine, over 800 people aboard! And everyone is forming these little groups and you just can’t track all the movement.
Finally explored this tiny dusty room with tons of musical instruments. There was one made of turtle shells or whatever they’re called… Should revisit and find something cool.
So, up the Kiel canal we go, with fields and cattle and little houses on the left and on the right, and people waving to us from the shore and the little boats cruising around. On we go.

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