Luxembourg, Reims, Paris

So. 1:53 am, Paris, Hostelling International.
Bonne nuit, why!
Woke up in the morning, Luxembourg outside the window. Marvelous local breakfast with some delicious fresh-baked bread, cheese and ham. All around – forests and beautiful green fields.

Got to see a little of the actual city of Luxembourg. May I tell you – this country is not as small as one can imagine. And it’s so beautiful. But yes, you can cross it in approximately 40 minutes.
Then met Tom, who took us on the tour of all the parts of their family catering business. Exploring the real butcher-shop and walking among those impressive hams was… interesting. I mean, can you imagine a room with 5000 hams in it? I can now!
The tour took quite a while, once we’ve lost each other on the way to another facility, which was not very fun (at first). Finally we got the friendly hugs and some of the local treecake from our wonderful host. The cake really looks like a part of a tree!

On the way back to Belgium saw horses. Stopped, filmed, had fun. Then, ten minutes later, faced a cattle of cows strolling down the road… Happens in Luxembourg!
Next stop – Paris, we thought. But it turned out to be Reims. We were trying really hard to find some open cafes with a parking nearby, but suddenly saw a beautiful gothic cathedral. It was chilly and the rain was pouring, but we found out that the crowd of people with umbrellas in front of the cathedral was waiting for the light show. Well, we couldn’t miss the light show for sure.

Shaking under the big umbrella that belonged to a nearby pub, and sipping hot chocolate while the cathedral was going through its light metamorphosis was really something special.
The cathedral, by the way, turned out to be Notre-Dame de Reims, where the kings of France were once crowned.
But we still had Paris to reach. Halfway through I succeeded to book us a hostel, which turned out to be in a really sketchy neighborhood, but inside it was just perfect. So here I am. I know that when I say “I’m going somewhere and doing something” most likely the karma will turn against me, but I really would like to explore Musee d’Orsay tomorrow! So sleepy, gosh. Adieu.


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