Paris, A One-Day Stand

Yesterday’s morning started with some delicious freshly-baked croissants. Ended up at musee de l’Orangerie. The Monet Nympheas room. These colors. I don’t need much to be happy – just sit there and stare at it all day long.
After that one I went to Musee d’Orsay, where Monet and Van Gogh got me completely. These two are unbelievable.

My stepfather once told me that if I only had one day in Paris, I should go to musee d’Orsay and not the Louvre. Mission accomplished!
Decided to take a stroll to Notre Dame de Paris. Wasn’t a super short walk, and, I have to tell you, the cathedral we saw in Reims was much more impressive in terms of architecture and detail. The line to get in was way too long, so I didn’t even consider going. I sat there on the stairs, trying to find the gargoyles from the movie, when a SAS t-shirt caught my attention. Hanged out with a bunch of SAS kids, but then found some wifi and went on alone. Got to Laduree. 11 euro for 6 macaroons – crazy indeed. But mann you should have tried them! “Delicious” cannot express the whole deliciousness of these little things. Damn good macaroons!

Sitting on the grass by the House of Invalides. One last stop, the Eiffel tower (that sticks out of nowhere like I don’t know what and doesn’t fit in at all). Then – Saint-Lazare train station, and to Le Havre.

Eiffel tower was weird and not too attractive, and Mars fields were just dirty, with litter all over. I was not so much impressed by Paris, I must admit. I probably need more time in the city to feel it. But that time it just didn’t feel like anything new (mind that I grew up in St. Petersburg). So I walked under the tower, looked at the line to go up and just went on to catch a metro to Saint-Lazare. As soon as I got there I met some SAS folks and we spend great two hours talking on our way to Le Havre. And the gare (train station) was walking distance from the ship, which was super nice, taking the wind and the cold into account.


Le Havre, 10 am. It’s raining outside and the wind is just ridiculous. Will have to figure it all out.


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