In Between

The nautic wind rumples my hair, still wet from the shower, but I won’t leave the spot in the sun at the upper deck. Probably the hair will dry faster than I catch cold.
These sparkling waves rolling around the ship make me happy. I guess this is my perfect environment – off the land, on the move.

The horizon lies between the dark blue of the sea – today it’s dark blue – and the light airy blue of the sky. Three seagulls are floating in the wind streams above the ship like these helicopters excorting important people. Someone is playing ping-pong, and I hear the clicking of forks and knives from the lower deck – the lunch is still on. This, along with the rumble of the motor and the wind howling around, and occasional bursts of laugher are the only sounds up here. It’s so relaxing. This place brings me to peace with myself and the world. I love it here. Maybe I like being aboard even more than getting off in new countries. The rocking of the ship sometimes makes me dizzy, but it passes, and it helps me sleep at night. I fall asleep so easily here, unlike home.
Yesterday I discovered another cool activity. When it’s dinner time, the long cabin corridors are dead silent and empty, and they look endless, like in the movie Labyrinth. I was hurrying to get a camera to film Kay, one of my characters for the documentary, and I decided to run to my cabin through the corridor. Oh the thrill! Imagine – endless similar doors to the left and to the right, same lamps on the walls, and the ship is moving. That’s the feeling close to levitation. It’s indescribable.
Every day I’m still afraid to wake up and find out that it all was a dream. I had a dream that the voyage was over and I had to get back to normal life, go to work on the radio and do stuff. I woke up in panic, but the humming of the ship was there, reassuring. I am so lucky to be here. Unbelievably, undeservedly lucky.
Yesterday we had a class on Irish music, and then the cultural preport on Irish dance. It was amazing. Actually, I can’t believe that tomorrow I’ll wake up in Ireland. This country was always a faraway land from the fairytales, and now I’m going there. It’s amazing. Guinness for all!
Then I visited a short meeting on Toms initiative, and afterwards joined the queer group meeting. It was very touching to hear the personal stories of people and their relatives, and how coming out could cut all the family relationships – or could make them even stronger. I think we must have such groups at every university back home. The lack of awareness that leads people to hatred is terrible. I want to be able to invite my gay friends to my place without having to explain my parents why am I hanging out with “them”. There’s no “they”. There’s no difference between us. There’s only “we”. The middle-ages state of mind should go away for the good.

Today we had four amazing presentations at our Human Sexuality class, done by the students. To sum them all up – people really need to mind their own business and stop judging the others. I’m starting to get it more and more.
Now, I’ve got a Global Music test to pass, and lots of other stuff to do. The ship days are always full!
I’m running out of marzipans, Mamba and that delicious crispy French chocolate 🙁

See ya.

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