“Nothing good comes easy.
Whoever said it wasn’t kidding”
(A quote from the ad banner that I saw from the train to Howth)

How did I end up in Howth? Well of course not because I paid attention to the SAS field programs or anything. No, I just randomly asked Ena, our tour guide on the first day, if there were any beautiful lighthouses around. And she said Howth. So at 4 something pm, after a nice lunch in the sun and an Irish indie movie with a friend I hopped on the DART headed to Howth. I had no idea what or where Howth was, but it didn’t bother me.
“Are you f-ing kidding me? It’s gorgeous over here!! I’m sitting under a cliff with a cup of hot vegetable soup and some apple juice, and the Beatles are playing in the hut. Oh my!” – diary entry from 6 something pm.
Basically, I had absolutely no idea that Howth was a hiking spot. I had no map, nothing. I just walked down the shore, and then followed the road up the hill for quite a while. Then I saw the stairs on the left, that led down to a small cliff and a rope to help one get down. So I went down and saw a strange block of stone with a huge footprint-like hole in it (some creative folks added the “toes”). Next to it was “All I want is a place to call my own, and mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low – a day to remember”.
I had to get back on the road, but no, we don’t seek the easy ways! So I started climbing this wet, slippery, mossy, almost vertical hill, using the roots of the plants to get up. Then there was a bunch of thistles… Anyway, I got there.
And then I kept walking and at last found this little place in the middle of nowhere that offered snacks. It was lit by the setting sun, and a huge mastiff put his head on the fence next to me, waiting to be pet. There was another one, black, and a little fury sheep-looking dog. I made sure to make friends with them before trying to get to the toilet which was on the other side of the fence…
The sun was setting, highlighting and coloring the hills all around. It’s a nice hiking area, no climbing or rocks, just a soft trail along the cliffs. The view was gorgeous, especially when I got a sight of the lighthouse (not the one Ena told me about, but – still a lighthouse!).
The way to the train station was not so scenic, and it got really creepy when it went through the forest, which was absolutely dark because of all the tree branches. I never loved my Flashlight app more…

“‘Twas a hell of a hike! Not the longest one for sure, but it was beautiful. So beautiful. Thank you Ena for the great tip, although I didn’t make it to the lighthouse or the local castle, which is a pity. Finished my evening with some delicious cesadilla and green tea before the train back. Niice. And skyped with Misha and chatted with Dasha. On the train back to Dublin!” – from the diary of 21.09

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