Cadiz and off to Morocco

Highlights of the day: went swimming. Saw cats.
Cadiz – the old city – is small, very small. If you walk fast you can probably circle it in forty minutes. There are a few beaches, the biggest one located next to the old city.

Still incredibly small. At first I doubted whether I should go into the water, the surroundings were not very romantic and the sea didn’t look super clean. But I overcame it and went swimming. The water turned out to be quite fine, both in terms of cleanliness and temperature.
Afterwards me and Lindsey proceeded in search of the market, and spent the rest of the day tasting this and that wherever we went. It was fun and we felt very stupid, barely understanding what the locals were saying, going who-knows-where, not going to any touristy places, and drinking sangria.
And as soon as the time came to go back to the ship the skies cleared, and the sun started to burn. That evening and the next day the pool deck was flooded with people, sunbathing and jumping up and down in the water, because the pool’s small and no one considered actually swimming there.
It was a relatively quiet day, called the study day as we had no classes, and I actually managed to do some studying. We stayed in Cadiz most of it (and they won’t let us off the ship again, sadly).
Sitting here at Tymiz square, deck 5, and waiting for the other people from my little group going to Marrakech. I wonder where I end up after all… See ya.

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