Almost there – Takoradi

Crickets or cicadas?
That is the question. Not that hearing a cricket or a cicada is normal aboard a ship that is somewhere in the Atlantic ocean on its way to Ghana, but on the other hand, still curious. These things sing in the morning and at night and they definitely add up to our soundscape. Someone suggested that they might be guests from Morocco, but I really did not hear either in Morocco. A little shipboard mystery.

So yes, Takoradi tomorrow. No plan is best plan, as usual. It’s hard to believe how fast these eight days at sea passed by. It was our longest water journey so far, and I honestly was so glad to have a respite from the European craze, when every other day there was a new port to explore. I have to admit that I can do longer at sea, two, three weeks, and I will not get bored. This ship doesn’t let you get bored.
Started my malaria preventive medication yesterday. Getting hungry and tired faster, but so far no real nightmares, although the dreams last night were pretty damn vivid. Hopefully my organism copes well with this stuff. I hate all these pills.
It’s been a fun week. Met new people. Studied a bit. Discovered something. Routine, you know. Finally started swimming on a regular basis. My maximum was what – 45, 50 minutes so far? That’s how long I managed to keep the pool to myself during mealtime to do some exercise. Today it started to rain when I was in the pool. The feeling was completely surreal – I mean, just imagine being under the stream of water while in the water that is on the water. Watermaniac’s dream. The rain was warm and heavy, and its drops bumped off the surface of the pool, stretching into spear-shaped particles. The water in the pool was rocking from left to right; the clouds chased the wind above my head, while the sun tried to find a hole in their bodies to sneak back to the deck. And I was just laying on my back chilling and licking the raindrops off my lips, until some SAShole decided to jump into the pool and ruin my meditation.
The moon is growing fast! Can’t but notice that, if you watch it every day, whether you want it or not. I like the idea of having the moon and all the stars at my disposal whenever I want to see them. At home back in Moscow you can’t see anything from the window. Besides, stars are something rare in there.
My best friend Dasha managed to get the exchange program she wanted – hip-hip hooray, go friends. I know I’m not in the position to whine, but I already envy her and Ilona, because they’ve got adventures planned before them. And people keep asking me about my plans after SAS, and I just put my pointing finger to my temple and do the “piew” sound. I wish I could just stay here, you know. Preferably – with all the same people. Because I’m getting more and more attached to them, damnit.
Okay. I’m sleepy and hungry, again. Time for some mate’ and a little bit of chocolate. Take care y’all.

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