HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, this thing just went all the way across the sky and faded into darkness, as if someone switched off the light inside of it.

I saw a bunch of people rushing to the aft of the deck, and decided to follow, just out of curiosity; what I saw was a big, real big – if compared to the stars – ball of yellowish-orangish light, that rushed right across the sky and suddenly disappeared. It was big and super bright; someone says it was a comet, others – that it was a meteor. The UFO is the preferred version for sure. Oh boy, this world is full of wonders! And the stars tonight are just unbelievable, bright and glittering like diamonds exposed to light. Everyone’s still standing there, unable to stop guessing what exactly we have witnessed. Should ask the astronomy professor tomorrow. What a night!

P.S. Of course I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture (and I doubt my iPhone would’ve captured it), but this picture above is closest to what we saw!

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