Almost Cape Town

The sun! It came out!
Suddenly, out of the endless cold grey, the warmth reached out and heated up my face. And then the clouds gave way to a chunk of beautiful blue sky. So now it’s hot, although in the morning it felt like winter. And the wind!! If you stay by the rail on either side of the ship, the delicious sweet sea wind fills your lungs. It never smelled so good before.

The water is of this dark grayish green on the foam of the wake that looks just like raw bacon. A meaty piece of sea. I want to swim so badly – my neck really hurts now – but the pool is still on maintenance. They said they maybe will fill it in Cape Town. I’m lying flat, like a seal, on the wooden deck by the pool, all misery. Rehearsal in forty minutes, a paper due, and I just don’t wanna do anything. I want to swim swim swim. Nevermind, I’m just whining as usual. My cell’s dying, so I’d better go to my cabin and plug it in. My [borrowed] uke waits for me there, but I really don’t have the time. We’re arriving to Cape Town tomorrow morning. There’s so much to do!!!
Yesterday I was almost ready to go to sleep – I switched off the light, wrapped myself in a blanket… but no. The lines just came to my mind and won’t leave until I wrote them down. Well, now I have a song, which I need for sure to edit, and adjust the chords (yah, sixth day with a uke, I’m writing songs). It’s sort of a farewell song, a Fort Lauderdale song. It’s a little bit sad. But I am a little bit sad, like this song. Although I’m starting to have ideas. Maybe they can grow into something…
Crazy dancing in the cabin, a super fun rehearsal (I’m getting them! I’m getting these goddamn lines!), a ukulele break, a Sabbath dinner (with bread and wine, as usual, and cozy, as usual), and now I’m here in the Union, on the fluffy floor, waiting for the logistical preport. They promised the SA logistics would be a challenge… We’re the second ship that comes into Cape Town port under new regulations, will have to waste a lot of time on immigration checks. Well, bring it on!
Failed to find any stars on the sky again. But – tomorrow we’re meeting the sunrise in Cape Town! And that’s officially cool.

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