Buenos Aires, day 2: The Museum Crawl

We couldn’t have had a better group – me, Jose and Rachel; three of the most indecisive people in the world. No, not even indecisive – we just are game to any suggestions, but someone has to suggest! If there was one person among us who would tell us what to do and where to go, it would’ve been easier. I guess the only person we’re missing is Lindsey, we would have had an epic indecisive quartet!

I only slept for a couple of hours, as Jose has perfect wifi – and there were so many things to do (read – music and movies and uke tabs to get). I went to bed at five am, when the dawn was already breaking, lighting the skyscrapers and the streets with the layers of yellow, pink and grey. Jose fetched us some local pastries – lots of condensed milk, dulce de leche – I was never a fan back at home, but here it just goes so organically with everything!
We started walking around the city. Went to the local fancy cemetery, with crypts and murals, saw Evita’s grave (and a lot of cats). Walked on to the Fine Arts museum. There are so many museums in this city, and mostly they’re free – or free for students. The collection was decent, even some impressionists present – but the lighting was really bad. The museum seems to be saving money on the light, so you really cannot appreciate the colors or anything. The funny thing is that one room had damn fine light, but it was sponsored by some wealthy family.
We kept walking, dropped into some tiny family cafe that made delicious delicious cakes. That fruit tart cake! Yum! And I was surprised to discover a new taste of Coke, the green one.
We then went to Malba, the Latin American Art museum, and it surely was a blast. If you ever find yourself in Buenos Aires, make sure to drop by. The collection of modern art is fabulous. There were paintings drawn with nail polish, made of plasticine, drawn with a regular pen on the fabric. And Liliana Porter’s installation was really impressive. It’s called “Man with an axe and other brief situations”. Check it out if you have time, there must be some pictures on the web.
Afterwards we took a cab to Soho – local Soho reminded me a lot of Palo Alto and Georgetown. Lots of hipster clothes shops, nice restaurants, creative cafes, bars and clubs and everything. I must say that it gets chilly in the evening, because by the time I was done with my fruit smoothie I felt frozen to the bone.
I had to pick my passport from the ship, together with some other things, so we went to the port. The ship looked abandoned – quiet, empty corridors in the dim light. We don’t need passports in this port unless we want to go to Uruguay – and that’s so tempting, but the ferry is really not cheap. But I faced a real problem with the local ATM’s. they just refuse to accept my bank cards, both of them. That’s the very first port I face this problem, and it’s just my Russian bank – Rachel’s cards work just fine. So I planned to go to the bank to try get the money.
We walked back to the apartment and dived back into our computers. Click-click-click, the night conversation; but we were all so tired from the day of walking and talking that it was excusable. Click-click. To bed before sunrise.

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