The Last Day

Crazy, stressful, sad, exciting.
Woke up to have breakfast with Sasha and two lifelong learners I’ve never talked to before.
Filmed Rachel for my documentary.
Rehearsed an acting piece for the re-entry event. It was a sad scene, and I cried. And then we run through it again and I cried again.

Maybe I’ll never be acting again in my life, but the fact that I can cry on call when I’ve built a certain mindset within seconds, is definitely worth a self-thumbs up.
Ran to meet Coco and discuss the upcoming logistical preport – dean Kathy let us international students be naughty and have fun with it.
Everyone ditched us, but then we found Ryan.
Flash drive to Jack for music – got over 7GB.
Book to sign to so many many people. That book that I have instead of maps that everyone’s signing. It’s called “Owl at Home” and I find it pretty symbolic.
Shipboard family meeting. The last one.
Re-entry seminar. Asher’s speech and my performance – no tears that time, but plenty of emotion.
The last video.
Trying to film Steph.
Time running out.
Trying to settle my shipboard account.
Oh my god.
Not having eaten all day.
Oh my god.
It will be over tomorrow.
I’m still in denial.
Oh my god.
Stressed out so much.
Nailed it.
Had a convocation ceremony in life jackets and a convocation speech by Marjorie, my shipboard mom (and a lifelong learner who sailed on 7 voyages).
And then did a little stand-up playing a grumpy Russian professor doing a logistical preport for the Americans (as a part of it, Coco yelled in Chinese, and Ryan just rocked reenacting our dr. Dave).
And then dean Eddie danced (everyone always wanted him to dance, but he never would).
And everyone danced.
And Yawen gave me one of her paintings.
And I played the uke.

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