The Farewell

It’s over.
Yes, it really is.
Yet I can’t take it in.
Slept for barely a few hours tonight – again. Ate almost nothing all day.
I guess I’ve never gotten that many hugs in my entire life.

Now it’s almost over. We’re in port, waiting for Ashley’s brother and his truck. We agreed to meet with Rachel at the airport. Hopefully we will!!!
We did not, because I was stupid enough to think that the airport in Ft. Lauderdale would only have one terminal. But my brain wasn’t working well that day.
Ashley and his family took me, Coco and Yawen to lunch, and that was the first time I ate in a few days. I was feeling better, though still shaken by the recent events and by the quickness of our departure. One by one everyone I got so attached to left, disappeared, vanished.
But that’s the part of the deal; you can’t have it all.
The wind has changed – it was time to leave.

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