Suddenly Off to Barcelona

That surely wasn’t planned at all. In fact, I almost put up with the thought that traveling and I will have to take a break from each other. But most fortunately we were reunited, all thanks to my mom. Basically, she just stood in the middle of the kitchen, hands on her hips, and stated that if she won’t go somewhere in the nearest future, she’d murder someone [of us].

So, we booked a trip to Barcelona. Me being a pleasant addition with English-speaking skills and a tiny little bit of Spanish food names.
Now we’re sitting aboard an airplane. I have to admit that I’ve gotten spoilt and picky lately, and what I’m sitting in right now looks and feels like a joke of an airplane. There’s a slangy expression in Russian, the precise translation of which would be “to dick in the undickable”, meaning, to fit in something unfittable. This airline, called the Ural Airlines, did that with the inside of their moderately sized airplane. They put all seat rows so close together that tall next to me guys have to sit with their knees almost in their faces. They also installed additional rows where it doesn’t seem possible to fit a human being at all. To add up, the flight attendants kept yelling “no photography!!” at all the gadget owners, as if it was some military object or something. I’m thrilled to see what kind of food they’ll offer, though the single thought of it gives me shivers.
I mean, when you fly at least a few times each year, you know a crappy airline when you get onboard. And I dared to blame Transaero for little space! Sweet naïveté!
Right, that was a lot of offtopic.
Also, remember me mentioning the so-called “Jewish luck”? We got some tonight, when our taxi arrived and the driver tried to call us, and it turned out that all three of our MTS (biggest Russian carrier) cellphones were down! Haha, sounds like my kind of trip… Thank god we had a cell with another carrier that worked.
Okay, next time I fly to Europe with someone more civilized (meaning the airline). For god’s sake, it’s XXI…
Okay. I stop grumbling – though it’s hard after a sleepless night – and start enjoying myself. Kinda.
Ouch, my knees hurt.
P.S. And the captain just said the flight is 4:20. Well, f*ck.

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