Oops, I Did it Again (Travel Bug)

They say there’s always an angel on your right shoulder and a devil on your left. Well, I don’t know which of them keeps doing it, but as soon as I got back from Barcelona, I started looking for flight and accommodation options for my mom. She wanted to go to Budapest in April; I knew I couldn’t go, so I did my best and booked a great flight and and apartment for her and my stepdad. But – oh well; while doing this, I saw some delicious flight deals; I deepened my research; I ended up with four airplane tickets costing $350 in total.

And the route got shaped: Moscow-Berlin-Copenhagen-Amsterdam-Moscow. Wait, there’s also Riga, because the cheapest flight from Amsterdam was through Riga, and I’ll get almost a whole day there. And I swear it would’ve been more if I had more money. But I don’t. It’s a great lie. Not that I’m broke, but sure as hell I will be once I return. And I still have to think about that trip to the US I wanted to accomplish this summer. But – tsssh. That’s a secret. Yet the fares are going up, and I’ll have to decide soon.

So now comes the usual routine: sending out couch requests on Couchsurfing, making agreements with people, mapping the routes, looking for ways to save money. Honestly, I’m excited. That wanderlust of mine is insatiable, and, to be honest, I like it this way. I thought about it a great deal. And then last week I was in a pet store looking for eyedrops for my elderly cat, and while waiting for assistance I heard some joyful twitting. I looked around but couldn’t see any birds, so I walked towards the sound and discovered a big cage behind the shelves. A lady in her fifties, well-dressed and well-groomed, was admiring a pair of beautiful parrots – the ones called lovebirds, agapornis personatus. They were of such bright and lovely color, and reminded me of the sun and of Brazilian rainforest. The lady looked dreamy, and when I came closer, she looked at me and signed. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”- said I. She smiled. “They are. Wish I could have one. I guess I should’ve pressed my parents to get me one when I was still a kid. They didn’t want to buy it. And now – can you believe it? I have everything, I can afford a hundred of those, and I just can’t keep them”. “Business trips and stuff?” – I nod understandingly. “This and other things… I should’ve pressed them then”. We stood there for a while, admiring the birds. I understood her well: there are three of us in our apartment, and still it’s always a pain in the ass to find someone to look after the cat while we’re away. And then I got the analogy: family, a stable job, the inevitable routine – you can have everything, but there are still little moments that were missed once, and one may not have a chance to fulfill them again. Shortly after that, I booked my flights and decided – let it be. I may be unemployed (meaning full-time) and disoriented, but there are moments that I just don’t want to miss. I’m not ready to stop exploring, because I’ve just begun. I’m not ready to settle down.

P.S. While I took a break from writing this, I booked another flight. I don’t even have a clue if it will go through, because I booked it off that Budgetair website and I’ve never used such websites before, always booking directly from the air companies’ websites. Ugh. I’m vicious. I’m shocked with myself. I really hope it turns out well. But think of it – a summer flight from Moscow to New York, and for as little as $510! Hard to believe, so I don’t and I won’t until I see the ticket in my inbox. And if I do – well, that means that for the first time in my life I’ll spend three whole months in the US, and I’m excited and scared because I have no idea how it’ll turn out and whether I’ll be able to earn enough money for the travel itself. But, let’s be philosophic here – in the worst scenario I’ll spend some time like Sal in Jack Kerouac’s “On the road”, picking grapes in some funny land;)

Ehm. Hopefully, not. We’ll see. I guess, right here and right now I’m authorized to say “YOLO” in public once in my life.

P.P.S. I just woke up, and an e-ticket was waiting in my inbox. Weeee!:)

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  1. just4ous says:

    Hey, Kira! Thanks for your blog!
    Today I came across your story about Semester at Sea (in the special vk group) and I was just gripped by the whole idea of the voyage! It’s marvellous! It’s a pity I’m not a university student anymore((
    so what I wanted to say is: I also always feel this wanderlust (as well as wOndelust :), especially after my recent work as a volunteer at the Olympics in Sochi))))
    So I wanted to wish you all the best, let your roads be adventurous and safe and exciting!
    I will definetely follow your blog and catch loads of inspiration!
    Take Care =)

    1. ktverskaya says:

      Thank you darling!
      And just to let you know, you don’t have to be a student to sail! But if you’re not, then unfortunately you can’t get scholarships. But I think the lowest fare for a non-student is $10K for a full semester. Something worth saving for in the future;)
      Wanderlust people unite! Safe travels to you too!:)

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