Off to Amsterdam

Copenhagen airport, 16:09
I’m wearing perfect makeup, well-done hair, and I look quite boho with my backpack and a ukulele strapped to it, sipping on my ginger-apple-grapefruit juice from Joe&The Juice, a local juice bar where I wanted to go all these three days, but it was always closed. It’s crazy how early everything closes in Copenhagen!

Now if I can find a cool local chocolate cake, I will be happy. Today I came to the airport two hours in advance, checked in at home, and had quite some time to kill. I was pretty impressed by the local Duty Free, and that’s where the makeup came from. I like exploring local brands, whether it’s cosmetics, clothes or food. All perfumes smelled, cremes tried and lipsticks blended, I lazily wandered around the waiting area. The airport looked rather like a shopping mall. Men were staring at me – I don’t usually wear makeup, but when I do… Well, that’s why I usually don’t.
I’m alone. My best friend Dasha decided last moment that she won’t go to Amsterdam with me because of an important project she’s assigned. Mind that was her who persuaded me to stay in Amsterdam for one more week! Well, at least it doesn’t matter where to work on my thesis from. There are lots of wifi spots in Amsterdam. If I had better freelance incomes now, I would’ve stayed for one more month, couchsurfing around Europe. But I’ve got to work on that when I come back. Maybe I’ll start offering my trip planning services. Ain’t I a planning genius? I’m only bad at following plans…
It’s crazy how time flies – and how little I feel it. New places, new faces, new ideas, new events – nothing bothers or confuses me. The foamy stream of new information rushes into me and right through me, and I seem to be doing just fine. I wonder if I could do a year-long trip, on my own. Perhaps I should test myself during the US summer trip which hopefully happens. I’ll have to run and apply for a visa as soon as I return, as mine expires late March. Hope that the recent world events won’t make it too difficult for me.
If you only knew how much I hate all these visas, and how much I wish our world was one of open borders. So much luck for the birds: no one can check their passports! There is a feeling of freedom here in Europe, but only for as long as ninety days a year if you’re a non-citizen. Still, I like it here. Northern Europe is bubbling with life and energy and youth and creativity. I want to explore more of it. Time to finish my juice, get a cake, and take off for Amsterdam.


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