On The Road Again: Back To New York

Even when I was purchasing those cheap tickets to the summer New York I barely believed I would make it. For some reason I felt like something would pop up and interrupt my new adventure. Nevertheless, I’m here!

I arrived to New York yesterday, light-headed (from the ten-hour flight) and excited as ever, and jumped straight into my aunt’s pool, even that they’ve just filled it and the water was chilly. All the plans planned themselves within a few days before my departure. I suddenly found out I was going all around the US, on a limited budget – as always – and with a few roadtrips to come. Everyone keeps asking me about my plans, but I can’t give them any good answer except “travel, you know”. It doesn’t seem enough. If for me the word “travel” emphasizes so many things – vagabonding, learning, discovering, meeting and talking, walking and riding, getting somewhere, yet many other people see it just as a kind of time-killing. There’s no way I can explain the core of travel to those who’s never been bit by the travel bug. In any case, I’m here for whatever’s to come. I just graduated – I’m a qualified specialist now with a university degree which is almost Masters, and now they want me to get a full-time job and settle down. You’ve seen enough of the world already, they say. I’ve been to 23 countries, but I don’t think it’s enough. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever going to be enough. The road goes ever on and on, says the song. I have no idea where my road is going to take me, but at least I’m glad I’m going somewhere.
So soft and cool, the grass under my elbows and toes. Nothing can beat the summer grass in Sheep Meadow in Central Park. It always feels divine under my bare feet, and the place seems so calming and homely in the usual craze of the city. The rocks all around the park are also great – warm, sometimes even hot from the day in the sun, full of energy that comes from the spots where people like to go. It’s good to sit there and think, or write. Or just stretch on the cool grass in Sheep Meadow and watch the clouds floating in the blue blue sky. In the life of constant stress that most New Yorkers lead such places are a necessity.
All around, live is thriving. People play soccer, chat, have picnics and tan on the grass. Children run around squealing with their water guns. Some guys walk around with bags, offering beverages. “Cold water cold beer”, calls one of them, passing by. A few people always stretch and do all kinds of exercise. Here and there you can spot the quiet ones with a book or a journal. It’s funny to watch them scan the surroundings and write down their thoughts. I’m writing from my iPhone, so probably they’ll put me down as “the crazy texter that blows the ants off her arms from time to time and caresses the grass as if it was the fur of some animal”. I’ve done my Brooklyn ritual today – visiting some relatives, walking, having a meal at a certain Russian cafe (that changed its name in these past few months), getting a local sim card. Now Central Park. Something is always changed in the city when I come to visit, and it’s great. I like dynamic cities.
I could’ve used some quiet time, though, maybe a week or so. On my own, somewhere in the nature, not thinking at all and then thinking about everything. The past month was intense – writing the thesis, editing a short film for its defense and all. But I found myself a busy person here. It seems like one’s always busy in New York. Even a sponger like me (kidding). But at least I can be a lazy seal for today and enjoy the greenish-silverish waves of Sheep Meadow Grass.

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