Roadtrippin’ Around USA

Roadtrip is the ultimate travel genre, pretty much a keystone of travel. You constantly move forward, exploring the unknown. And some places offer more than others for roadtrippers-to-be. Europe and North America, to begin with!

When I was getting off the ship in Fort Lauderdale in December 2013, little did I know about adventures I would experience in the following few months. Having visited six countries, on my seventh I found myself on the road in its actual meaning. Me, my SAS friend Daniela, and her friend Ulla drove from Denver to San Francisco through five national parks, Las Vegas, San Diego, Anaheim and Santa Barbara. Well, almost like that, because throughout the trip I got a few adventures of my own.
Myself, I started in New York City June 5th. My way led me to Denver through Washington DC, Atlanta and Athens, GA. Then, as we reached Santa Barbara, I stayed behind, moving between SB and Ojai. I ended up in San Francisco, though not with Daniela and Ulla, but with Stephanie, my dear SAS friend and one of the characters in my documentary. And here I am now.
I haven’t been disciplined at all on this trip. I wasn’t blogging and rarely wrote any notes, breaking all my earlier promises to myself. But it’s time to catch up.

As for now, here’s a little travel report. Since I arrived to the US, I’ve been to:
– 8 states (three more to come);
– At least 20 cities (I honestly lost count);
– 17 houses&apartments of my friends and friends of friends and family friends. Being a guest deserves a separate post, because this is something I genuinely love to be, as well as being a host. It’s a great insight on a new country.

There are plenty of stories to tell and recommendations to give now. Here’s what I’m going to write on so far, but specific requests are welcome as well:
– US National Parks and staying there
– US roadtrip routes and accommodations
– San Francisco and things to do
– Denver and things to do
– Las Vegas and things to do
– New York and things to do
Fort Ross Conservancy – a Russian fortress in North California
– Moving around the US
– Shopping in the US: clothes and other stuff and musical instruments


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