Tel Aviv Deja Vu

Love such stories. So a few months ago, while in Venice, I stumbled upon a little shop in the Jewish quarter. The paintings were by Michal Meron, an artist whose works caught my eye right from the start. She uses Jewish symbolism, religious texts, images, singles them out and mixes into real life with a splash of color.

I talked to her husband who ran the shop. It was a nice long talk of two strangers who weren’t rushing anywhere. He told me about Michal, her story, the ideas behind her paintings. I bought a print or two, and he gifted me another one as I was leaving.
Yesterday, as I was strolling down the spring-y hot streets of old Jaffa in Tel Aviv, I suddenly saw a familiar piece on the door. Inside the shop I met the daughter of the painter and my Venetian shopkeeper. Turned out – how could I forget – that they kept another shop, in Israel, and visited from time to time.

The daughter gave me cold water and nuts, and showed me some works by another painter, Anna Rozenblat. See, she said, Anna is more realistic, unlike my mom. I looked at one piece and what I saw was a tree floating above the ground in what seemed like a huge seed. Heck, said I, THAT is called realistic?

Straight to the end of the street, right, left. Then come back, said the girl.
Guess what. There IS a floating tree in old Jaffa in Tel Aviv. Go figure!!!

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