Hey world! I’m Kira, a media and travel geek from Moscow. One might wonder at times whether you really do shape your own destiny or it’s all already written for you in the Book of Life. In my case it’s really hard to tell.

Life has given me a great present – in fact, the one that I was dreaming of a few years ago when I started this blog. In these years I’ve had my share of adventures, but never could make myself sit down and turn them into words. But that time I wanted to remember well: Semester at Sea, a unique cross-country journey aboard the only floating university in the world. 4 months, 17 countries, countless memories. A blog to fill, a documentary to shape, shoot and edit. It gave me a lot and taught me a lot, and inspired me to share my experiences and inspire others in turn.

Then there were other travels, volunteering and event planning gigs in different places of the world. I’ve made some mistakes and learnt how to fix them, heard some stories that shaped me into who I am now, and realized that the world, indeed, was and still is my best and favorite classroom.

So I go where the wind blows, and I hope my travel experiences can be of help or interest in one way or another.

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