“Permesso, permesso!”

“Christmas tree stolen from famous Naples shopping gallery within 24 hours”. What a great start to my trip, thought I.

New Travel Scams: World Life Experience

Can we talk about the new type of online scams out there? It’s a scam targeting the young travel-hungry audience. The bait is juicy: an opportunity of a lifetime to travel a particular country/the world for free.


I’ll tell you a story about Venetian glass. It’s something very typical for my family, with all the randomness and weirdness of it. So here’s how the story goes:

Tel Aviv Deja Vu

Love such stories. So a few months ago, while in Venice, I stumbled upon a little shop in the Jewish quarter. The paintings were by Michal Meron, an artist whose works caught my eye right from the start.

An Updated Guide to Successful Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing, no doubt, is a fantastic platform. It not only helps you save money on accommodations during your travels, but also allows you to meet very special people with unique lifestyles and philosophies. Yet using it can still be a challenge for beginners.

Flights and olives

This is actually a not-so-funny travel story, minus the circumstances. So I was supposed to fly to Missoula, Montana today. I set my alarm for 5 am to catch the 9 am flight and went to bed soundly. Only to wake up at seven, because I must have vividly dreamt setting the alarm for 5…

Budapest, day 3: Soaked in a Good Way

We woke up to the cloudy Budapest sky, but it wasn’t cold, and no rain at all. The plan was to move our stuff to our next host’s place and start our great reward aka post-exercise day – go to the thermal baths with our new American friends. We first thought about Gellert, but I…

Budapest, day 2: Good Games, Good Company

Spring mornings in Budapest are gloriously beautiful; not quite so when my friend Siranush is left without her cup of coffee. To eliminate the danger of unleashing the beast within her, we had to go… to a bookshop.

On Being Adventurous, Not Stupid

A few days ago… What to begin with? People, don’t be stupid. Don’t be like me. Don’t book tickets to Budapest while your passport is at the US Embassy and the flight is in less than two weeks…