Cape Town, day 5: The Farewell

The wake from the ship is so stunningly blue. The sea is quite rocky today, but I don’t mind. It’s a bit chilly outside, though. Yesterday was our last day in Cape Town. It was a bittersweet day for sure. In the morning we had a field lab for our Human Sexuality class, but waking…

Cape Town, Day 4: Table Mountain

An icy cold can of mango juice. An icy cold can of mango juice on my ankle. My ankle hurts. Looks like a huge bruise. It’s been sprained in the most stupid way possible. But let’s start from the beginning. Today was planned to be the Table Mountain Hike day. However, waking up this morning,…

Cape Town, Day 3: We Lucky Bastards

I have cheetah fur in my pocket… (Thought of the day) Whale&pancake day (Supposed nickname of the day) Crazy coincidence day (The real nickname of the day)

Cape Town, day 2: Cheetahs, Food and Music

Early wakeup, quick walk to the Waterfront – and we’re in the cab headed to Stellenbosch. The drive from Cape Town is beautifully scenic. We even passed a movie studio that had full-size ships floating in the pool, surrounded by wind and wave machines.

Cape Town, Day 1: Waterfront Exploration

I jumped out of my bed at 5:40 in the morning, and me and Rachel rushed to the upper deck. Yesterday they said that the sunrise took place at 6:00… Well, we were misinformed, because the sun was already out, popping from the clouds. But the view. No – THE VIEW.

Almost Cape Town

The sun! It came out! Suddenly, out of the endless cold grey, the warmth reached out and heated up my face. And then the clouds gave way to a chunk of beautiful blue sky. So now it’s hot, although in the morning it felt like winter. And the wind!! If you stay by the rail…

Off to Cape Town

It’s hot today, but inside of the ship I’m freezing. It’s a kind of that dry metallic cold that gets straight into your bones and leaves you shivering. My virus – or whatever it is – still not gone, and I’m already tired of not having my full voice and hearing as if through the…

Notes of a Shellback: Equator Crossed!

Wooooohooo!!! It just really happened! The ship’s whistle blew as we went through the 0-0 point. The ship had to change its course so that we could do it. It was so fast, and still – equator crossed!!

Accra: Drumming, Dancing, Driving

It’s only 8 pm, but I already feel like going to bed. My whole being is miserable, and the worst is trying to figure out the cause. Lariam (weekly malaria pills)? After all, seems a bit unlikely, although who knows. Some local crap? But I haven’t really been anywhere, ate no local food, and haven’t…

Cape Coast & Elmina Castle

So close! I almost, almost bought that field program for the Slave castles & Dungeons from SAS (and I promised myself I would try to avoid their trips by all possible means). But at breakfast it turned out that a bunch of my buddies was planning to go to see one of the slave castles…