“Permesso, permesso!”

“Christmas tree stolen from famous Naples shopping gallery within 24 hours”. What a great start to my trip, thought I.


I’ll tell you a story about Venetian glass. It’s something very typical for my family, with all the randomness and weirdness of it. So here’s how the story goes:

Go To Tver: An Adventure In Miniature

Of all the places in the world, the last one I would’ve thought of finding myself in would be Tver. A small rural city somewhere in between St. Petersburg and Moscow, with half a million inhabitants – tiny for someone like me who grew up in a 15-million city.

Budapest, day 3: Soaked in a Good Way

We woke up to the cloudy Budapest sky, but it wasn’t cold, and no rain at all. The plan was to move our stuff to our next host’s place and start our great reward aka post-exercise day – go to the thermal baths with our new American friends. We first thought about Gellert, but I…

Budapest, day 2: Good Games, Good Company

Spring mornings in Budapest are gloriously beautiful; not quite so when my friend Siranush is left without her cup of coffee. To eliminate the danger of unleashing the beast within her, we had to go… to a bookshop.

If I Were an Amsterdamer

I’ve recently been talking a lot about the importance of traveling in a non-touristy way, diving into the life of the place I’m visiting, mixing with the locals and trying to look at the surroundings with their eyes. And from now on, I’m starting a rubric “If I were …”, based on my travel experiences….

A-Advice: Amsterdam

In these few days I really fell in love with Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful historic city with great culture and infrastructure, friendly people, and awesome food. I’m glad the destiny shoved me here for more than just a few days. And as becoming a local is my favorite pastime – putting myrself into people’s shoes…

Riga: When One Day Can Be Enough

Some people say that there’s no point in visiting a place for just a day, especially if that’s a city, and a city with lots of culture and history – like Riga. Others do great on all these cruise ship trips where they indeed spend just a day in each port. Me? I am always…

Amsterdam: Food and Art

So, good morning, Amsterdam! Today I made it to the city center in 20 minutes and not 40, which I consider a mega-achievement. I decided to have breakfast in town and to try out the TripAdvisor services to pick the best spot.