Le Havre and Off to Ireland

It was good to wake up on the ship again and have breakfast with my friends. All the familiar faces returning home, hugs and smiles make departing from the country yet another adventure, and once we’re all back there comes a time for storytelling.

Paris, A One-Day Stand

Yesterday’s morning started with some delicious freshly-baked croissants. Ended up at musee de l’Orangerie. The Monet Nympheas room. These colors. I don’t need much to be happy – just sit there and stare at it all day long. After that one I went to Musee d’Orsay, where Monet and Van Gogh got me completely. These…

Luxembourg, Reims, Paris

So. 1:53 am, Paris, Hostelling International. Bonne nuit, why! Woke up in the morning, Luxembourg outside the window. Marvelous local breakfast with some delicious fresh-baked bread, cheese and ham. All around – forests and beautiful green fields.