Berlin to Copenhagen, No Air Travel

Let me tell you about the walk of shame. Americans gave that name to returning home from a nice sleepover in the same clothes, mainly spotted at university campuses. Sounds right? Wrong. The walk of shame, my dear friends, is the walk from the airport, where you arrived to board your flight to Copenhagen, back…

Germany and Birthdays

The last thing I could expect upon my arrival to Germany was to get onto a roller coaster of birthdays. It started in Berlin, with my CS host taking me rock climbing at Magic Mountain, where one of his friends was celebrating.

Berlin: The Lessons of History

I’m going to talk about a hard subject now, the one we don’t really want to talk about because the wounds are still fresh. It’s been just over 60 years, after all.

Off to Belgium

“Hey”, said Shadow. “Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are”. The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes. “Say ‘Nevermore’ “, said Shadow. “Fuck you”, said the raven. It said nothing else as they went through the woodland together.

On Blueberries (A Funny Incident)

Nine pm, the Elba’s waters are beating the bank where I quietly sit. It’s dark, and there’s only the sound of the waves, and the road behind me, and the engine of the MV Explorer. Here it is, right in front of me, white and blue, gorgeous and glittering like a Christmas tree. I watch…

Hamburg and Marzipans

There are days when you very much feel like staying alone. When you need some time off with just yourself and your thoughts. That’s how I felt on my first day in Hamburg, Germany. So I stayed in my cabin when everyone else was disembarking, finished watching Les Miserables, and then quietly strolled away from…

Already in Germany (And Saint Petersburg Too)

What is this canal we’re sailing through, Kiel canal? I see the shore and the trees so close that it feels like I could touch them. Next stop is Hamburg, today is September 4th, and this is the first time I had time and powers to write a┬áblog.