Off to Amsterdam

Copenhagen airport, 16:09 I’m wearing perfect makeup, well-done hair, and I look quite boho with my backpack and a ukulele strapped to it, sipping on my ginger-apple-grapefruit juice from Joe&The Juice, a local juice bar where I wanted to go all these three days, but it was always closed. It’s crazy how early everything closes…

Copenhagen: A Very Short Dive

I find it kind of ironic that my first real impression of Copenhagen was the punk guy peeing on the stairs of the house of parliament, being chased and caught by the brawny police fellows, all that followed by some guys screaming “fuck the police” from their bicycles.

Berlin to Copenhagen, No Air Travel

Let me tell you about the walk of shame. Americans gave that name to returning home from a nice sleepover in the same clothes, mainly spotted at university campuses. Sounds right? Wrong. The walk of shame, my dear friends, is the walk from the airport, where you arrived to board your flight to Copenhagen, back…

Germany and Birthdays

The last thing I could expect upon my arrival to Germany was to get onto a roller coaster of birthdays. It started in Berlin, with my CS host taking me rock climbing at Magic Mountain, where one of his friends was celebrating.

Berlin: The Lessons of History

I’m going to talk about a hard subject now, the one we don’t really want to talk about because the wounds are still fresh. It’s been just over 60 years, after all.

Oops, I Did it Again (Travel Bug)

They say there’s always an angel on your right shoulder and a devil on your left. Well, I don’t know which of them keeps doing it, but as soon as I got back from Barcelona, I started looking for flight and accommodation options for my mom. She wanted to go to Budapest in April; I…

Away From Barcelona: Montserrat

Well damnn, what a day! Decided to take a break from the city and go to Montserrat, a local sacred mountain that is home to a famous monastery. Took a train from Barcelona, then the rack train up the mountain, straight to the monastery. We were a bit unfortunate, yet again: both the cable car…

Suddenly Off to Barcelona

That surely wasn’t planned at all. In fact, I almost put up with the thought that traveling and I will have to take a break from each other. But most fortunately we were reunited, all thanks to my mom. Basically, she just stood in the middle of the kitchen, hands on her hips, and stated…


The snow is crunching under my feet, that crispy crunch that helps you count the steps. Counting steps goes well with the thoughts. Usually I would use my iPod for the background, but I wasn’t in the mood today. It’s good to walk without an iPod, though it creates a nice soundtrack. You just turn…

Cadiz and off to Morocco

Highlights of the day: went swimming. Saw cats. Cadiz – the old city – is small, very small. If you walk fast you can probably circle it in forty minutes. There are a few beaches, the biggest one located next to the old city.