Go To Tver: An Adventure In Miniature

Of all the places in the world, the last one I would’ve thought of finding myself in would be Tver. A small rural city somewhere in between St. Petersburg and Moscow, with half a million inhabitants – tiny for someone like me who grew up in a 15-million city.


The snow is crunching under my feet, that crispy crunch that helps you count the steps. Counting steps goes well with the thoughts. Usually I would use my iPod for the background, but I wasn’t in the mood today. It’s good to walk without an iPod, though it creates a nice soundtrack. You just turn…

Already in Germany (And Saint Petersburg Too)

What is this canal we’re sailing through, Kiel canal? I see the shore and the trees so close that it feels like I could touch them. Next stop is Hamburg, today is September 4th, and this is the first time I had time and powers to write a┬áblog.