The Farewell

16.12 It’s over. Yes, it really is. Yet I can’t take it in. Slept for barely a few hours tonight – again. Ate almost nothing all day. I guess I’ve never gotten that many hugs in my entire life.

The Last Day

Crazy, stressful, sad, exciting. Woke up to have breakfast with Sasha and two lifelong learners I’ve never talked to before. Filmed Rachel for my documentary. Rehearsed an acting piece for the re-entry event. It was a sad scene, and I cried. And then we run through it again and I cried again.


A couple of months ago I got lost in New York, somewhere close to Downtown. Not hopelessly and completely lost, but I had no idea where I was going. And I still wasn’t navigating in the city that well. I was wandering down some crowded street, by the old church, by the smoking food carts,…