Shopping In New York: Music Stores

It might seem weird that I’m talking music stores here, but do you know how difficult it is to find a perfect one that has just what the doctor ordered? New York City knows stuff about music, and has a lot to offer to a music geek.

Shopping In New York: Clothes, Shoes, Etc

If you had a week in New York, you could spend this entire time shopping. Works likewise with two weeks, or a month. Popping into a store in NYC is simply dangerous – that’s how it all starts! Here’s a little guide to help you navigate in the sea of the city’s best shops.

Travel, Failure, And The Lessons They Teach Us

You know, travel is kind of awful. Everyone telling you the opposite is certainly paid by some secret service. These endless lines at the airport, annoying security, constant delays! Heavy luggage and packing headache! Lost baggage, found baggage, damaged baggage!

Flights and olives

This is actually a not-so-funny travel story, minus the circumstances. So I was supposed to fly to Missoula, Montana today. I set my alarm for 5 am to catch the 9 am flight and went to bed soundly. Only to wake up at seven, because I must have vividly dreamt setting the alarm for 5…

Fort Ross: Chasing The History

If someone told me three years ago that I would find Russia among the cliffs of Northern California, I wouldn’t have believed it. It sounds unrealistic, crazy even – why would there ever be a Russian settlement in California? And then I found myself there, falling in love.

Roadtrippin’ Around USA

Roadtrip is the ultimate travel genre, pretty much a keystone of travel. You constantly move forward, exploring the unknown. And some places offer more than others for roadtrippers-to-be. Europe and North America, to begin with!

On The Road Again: Back To New York

Even when I was purchasing those cheap tickets to the summer New York I barely believed I would make it. For some reason I felt like something would pop up and interrupt my new adventure. Nevertheless, I’m here!

New York

“This is a Manhattan-bound Q local train. The next stop is…” I have my own special New York routine. Everybody has routines, but mine is funny because it’s sort of frozen in time. A year can pass, but I’ll come back and my route will be the same some day. My relatives live on Staten…

The Farewell

16.12 It’s over. Yes, it really is. Yet I can’t take it in. Slept for barely a few hours tonight – again. Ate almost nothing all day. I guess I’ve never gotten that many hugs in my entire life.


A couple of months ago I got lost in New York, somewhere close to Downtown. Not hopelessly and completely lost, but I had no idea where I was going. And I still wasn’t navigating in the city that well. I was wandering down some crowded street, by the old church, by the smoking food carts,…