Cuba, day 1: Imagine… the Night

From the diary: “I’m so nicely boozed. Drunk and happy, in Havana. For the first time in a while I feel pleasantly boozed. And my head is light and dizzy, and my whole body relaxed. Maybe that’s why all these great people kept drinking. It helped them relax.

Cuba, day 1: Imagine… the Day

Taking into consideration all the trouble SAS had to go through to get us to Havana, our stay was spectacular. Not to mention that we were the first American ship to dock in Cuba in nine years due to the US embargo. It wasn’t such a big deal for me – being Russian I could…

Almost Cuba

Just watched Midnight in Paris. Cuba, Hemingway, Midnight in Paris – chain complete! Halfway through A Farewell to Arms, probably time to quickly return to Old Man and the Sea. From a few days ago: “I can’t believe it’s only ten days left. I can’t believe it. I can’t”.

Rio, day 2: Wandering Juice Drinkers

It’s weird to realize it’s already been what – three weeks since we departed Rio? – and I’m still unable to finish my Brazilian diaries. On one hand, it’s six full days of very diverse experiences; on the other – no historic events occurred at that time.

Buenos Aires, Day 5: Markets, Talks and Goodbyes

Waking up in a good city with the knowledge that this day is the last is always bittersweet. On one hand, you have a whole day of exploration before you; on the other, afterwards you’re back to the ship, and it carries you on to the unknown.

Buenos Aires, day 4: Tigre et All

I guess a day started with a huge piece of delicious chocolate mousse cake can be called a good day right away. Jose showed us to the local coffee chain that had amazing pastries and desserts. But I feel like Buenos Aires is full of deliciousness wherever you go. That day we decided to leave…

Buenos Aires, day 3: Lujan

Instead of getting money in the bank, I agreed that it would make sense to exchange my $100 bill – the last US cash I had, but I doubted I would need it in Brazil, and definitely not in Cuba. The trick is that if you withdraw money from ATM’s, they charge you 35 pesos…

Buenos Aires, day 2: The Museum Crawl

We couldn’t have had a better group – me, Jose and Rachel; three of the most indecisive people in the world. No, not even indecisive – we just are game to any suggestions, but someone has to suggest! If there was one person among us who would tell us what to do and where to…

Buenos Aires, day 1: Whistleblowers and Friends

We started our day early in the morning – still not early enough for me to catch breakfast – for our Globalization through film lab, and hopped on the shuttle bus. In this port even the field trip buses are not allowed to the port, so they were waiting for us outside. The bus took…