Railay Bay: A Treasure Well-Preserved

Railay bay is one of the most famous scenic places in Krabi provence of Thailand. The main attraction is nature, which is full of karstic rocks sticking out of the sea, and picturesque limestone cliffs. It’s not an island, but the only way to get there is from Aonang or Krabi town by longtail boat.

Travel Construction And The Benefits of Self-Made Trips

Sawasdee ka! I’ve organized plenty of trips for myself and my parents, but never actually constructed a real so-to-call “vacation”- which includes sun, a snug beach by the ocean, and some delicious exotic food. This year we opted for a change – and headed to Krabi.

Down The Memory Lane

That one time when I studied on a ship that carried me all around the Atlantic, brought me beautiful friendships and bottomless memories. This video, filmed last year in St.Petersburg, is not by me but about me.

Go To Tver: An Adventure In Miniature

Of all the places in the world, the last one I would’ve thought of finding myself in would be Tver. A small rural city somewhere in between St. Petersburg and Moscow, with half a million inhabitants – tiny for someone like me who grew up in a 15-million city.

Shopping In New York: Music Stores

It might seem weird that I’m talking music stores here, but do you know how difficult it is to find a perfect one that has just what the doctor ordered? New York City knows stuff about music, and has a lot to offer to a music geek.

Shopping In New York: Clothes, Shoes, Etc

If you had a week in New York, you could spend this entire time shopping. Works likewise with two weeks, or a month. Popping into a store in NYC is simply dangerous – that’s how it all starts! Here’s a little guide to help you navigate in the sea of the city’s best shops.

Couchsurfing Attitude: It’s A Bit Like An Arranged Marriage

I personally love Couchsurfing. It’s a great resource for budget travelers or just people who want an insider’s perspective on a new place. You get to spend a few nights at someone’s place for free, and plus a chance to meet some truly outstanding people. But it may also feel weird for newcomers, as well…

Travel, Failure, And The Lessons They Teach Us

You know, travel is kind of awful. Everyone telling you the opposite is certainly paid by some secret service. These endless lines at the airport, annoying security, constant delays! Heavy luggage and packing headache! Lost baggage, found baggage, damaged baggage!

Flights and olives

This is actually a not-so-funny travel story, minus the circumstances. So I was supposed to fly to Missoula, Montana today. I set my alarm for 5 am to catch the 9 am flight and went to bed soundly. Only to wake up at seven, because I must have vividly dreamt setting the alarm for 5…

Fort Ross: Chasing The History

If someone told me three years ago that I would find Russia among the cliffs of Northern California, I wouldn’t have believed it. It sounds unrealistic, crazy even – why would there ever be a Russian settlement in California? And then I found myself there, falling in love.