Tel Aviv Deja Vu

Love such stories. So a few months ago, while in Venice, I stumbled upon a little shop in the Jewish quarter. The paintings were by Michal Meron, an artist whose works caught my eye right from the start.

Amsterdam: Food and Art

So, good morning, Amsterdam! Today I made it to the city center in 20 minutes and not 40, which I consider a mega-achievement. I decided to have breakfast in town and to try out the TripAdvisor services to pick the best spot.

Away From Barcelona: Montserrat

Well damnn, what a day! Decided to take a break from the city and go to Montserrat, a local sacred mountain that is home to a famous monastery. Took a train from Barcelona, then the rack train up the mountain, straight to the monastery. We were a bit unfortunate, yet again: both the cable car…

Cuba, day 3: Lenin, Chocolate and Kindness

The irony of my being in Cuba was that I got charged for a visa even that I didn’t need one (being Russian), and that everything was so cheap but I couldn’t buy anything, because for some reason they didn’t exchange rubles and I was totally out of euros. I yearned to go to that…

Cuba, day 2: So You Want to Swim… Or Dance?

Beach. Sea. Swim swim swim. That’s pretty much all I was thinking about, shame on me. But on my quest to find the perfect blue water I’ve never been so close to my goal: Cuban beaches are world famous. And though I knew I won’t be able to make it to Varadero, I still wanted…

Buenos Aires, Day 5: Markets, Talks and Goodbyes

Waking up in a good city with the knowledge that this day is the last is always bittersweet. On one hand, you have a whole day of exploration before you; on the other, afterwards you’re back to the ship, and it carries you on to the unknown.

Buenos Aires, day 4: Tigre et All

I guess a day started with a huge piece of delicious chocolate mousse cake can be called a good day right away. Jose showed us to the local coffee chain that had amazing pastries and desserts. But I feel like Buenos Aires is full of deliciousness wherever you go. That day we decided to leave…

Buenos Aires, day 2: The Museum Crawl

We couldn’t have had a better group – me, Jose and Rachel; three of the most indecisive people in the world. No, not even indecisive – we just are game to any suggestions, but someone has to suggest! If there was one person among us who would tell us what to do and where to…

Lisbon: Cobblestone and Exploration

May I just tell you – this ship is cold. I mean, you know something’s wrong when you walk outside and it’s warmer than inside. And it’s almost empty, no such urge for AC! We need to do something about it. Meanwhile, Lisbon is gorgeous.

Le Havre and Off to Ireland

It was good to wake up on the ship again and have breakfast with my friends. All the familiar faces returning home, hugs and smiles make departing from the country yet another adventure, and once we’re all back there comes a time for storytelling.