An Updated Guide to Successful Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing, no doubt, is a fantastic platform. It not only helps you save money on accommodations during your travels, but also allows you to meet very special people with unique lifestyles and philosophies. Yet using it can still be a challenge for beginners.

Couchsurfing Attitude: It’s A Bit Like An Arranged Marriage

I personally love Couchsurfing. It’s a great resource for budget travelers or just people who want an insider’s perspective on a new place. You get to spend a few nights at someone’s place for free, and plus a chance to meet some truly outstanding people. But it may also feel weird for newcomers, as well…

Budapest, day 3: Soaked in a Good Way

We woke up to the cloudy Budapest sky, but it wasn’t cold, and no rain at all. The plan was to move our stuff to our next host’s place and start our great reward aka post-exercise day – go to the thermal baths with our new American friends. We first thought about Gellert, but I…

Budapest, day 2: Good Games, Good Company

Spring mornings in Budapest are gloriously beautiful; not quite so when my friend Siranush is left without her cup of coffee. To eliminate the danger of unleashing the beast within her, we had to go… to a bookshop.

Riga: When One Day Can Be Enough

Some people say that there’s no point in visiting a place for just a day, especially if that’s a city, and a city with lots of culture and history – like Riga. Others do great on all these cruise ship trips where they indeed spend just a day in each port. Me? I am always…

SAS Savers: How to Travel the World on Less than $50 per Day

Some of you may be familiar with Nomadic Matt – a well-known travel blogger whose philosophy is that traveling is for everyone, and it’s possible to travel the world for $50 per day. However, although his website is a must-read for aspiring young explorers, my own experience shows that with Semester at Sea it’s totally possible…

London, Daynight

Aug 19, 2013 London. Plane 30 minutes late. Missed my train to the city. Tube closed. Well, the fun has begun! But it seems so unimportant in comparison with the fact that I’m here.