Taglit/Birthright: A Gift From Israel

Throughout this blog I’ve mentioned various locations, programs and activities; however, they all cost me something, as little as it could be. The program I just returned from is 99,9% free – all you have to do is find some Jewish heritage.

Budapest, day 2: Good Games, Good Company

Spring mornings in Budapest are gloriously beautiful; not quite so when my friend Siranush is left without her cup of coffee. To eliminate the danger of unleashing the beast within her, we had to go… to a bookshop.

Off to Amsterdam

Copenhagen airport, 16:09 I’m wearing perfect makeup, well-done hair, and I look quite boho with my backpack and a ukulele strapped to it, sipping on my ginger-apple-grapefruit juice from Joe&The Juice, a local juice bar where I wanted to go all these three days, but it was always closed. It’s crazy how early everything closes…

SAS Savers: How to Travel the World on Less than $50 per Day

Some of you may be familiar with Nomadic Matt – a well-known travel blogger whose philosophy is that traveling is for everyone, and it’s possible to travel the world forĀ $50 per day. However, although his website is a must-read for aspiring young explorers, my own experience shows that with Semester at Sea it’s totally possible…