That Day I Went Hiking Barefoot

There are some days when you know you’re up to doing something crazy, but you never quite know the degree of crazy. That day, apparently, the sky was the limit, because I did what I wasn’t even planning to do: I hiked the Lagoon.

Away From Barcelona: Montserrat

Well damnn, what a day! Decided to take a break from the city and go to Montserrat, a local sacred mountain that is home to a famous monastery. Took a train from Barcelona, then the rack train up the mountain, straight to the monastery. We were a bit unfortunate, yet again: both the cable car…

Cape Town, Day 4: Table Mountain

An icy cold can of mango juice. An icy cold can of mango juice on my ankle. My ankle hurts. Looks like a huge bruise. It’s been sprained in the most stupid way possible. But let’s start from the beginning. Today was planned to be the Table Mountain Hike day. However, waking up this morning,…

Cape Town, Day 3: We Lucky Bastards

I have cheetah fur in my pocket… (Thought of the day) Whale&pancake day (Supposed nickname of the day) Crazy coincidence day (The real nickname of the day)

Glendalough and Back

I’ve read about Glendalough on Wikitravel before coming to Ireland, but surely I didn’t know it was a national park and a huge hiking area. I rather imagined it full of ruins and old churches and stuff.


“Nothing good comes easy. Whoever said it wasn’t kidding” (A quote from the ad banner that I saw from the train to Howth)