Undah De Sea, Or Confessions Of A Waterholic

I love swimming. No, I LOVE swimming. But of all activities there are for adventurous travelers, diving was always the least appealing for me, and the only reason for that was the lack of information I had on the health restrictions. I was proven wrong, thank Neptune.   

Down The Memory Lane

That one time when I studied on a ship that carried me all around the Atlantic, brought me beautiful friendships and bottomless memories. This video, filmed last year in St.Petersburg, is not by me but about me.

SAS Savers: How to Travel the World on Less than $50 per Day

Some of you may be familiar with Nomadic Matt – a well-known travel blogger whose philosophy is that traveling is for everyone, and it’s possible to travel the world forĀ $50 per day. However, although his website is a must-read for aspiring young explorers, my own experience shows that with Semester at Sea it’s totally possible…


The snow is crunching under my feet, that crispy crunch that helps you count the steps. Counting steps goes well with the thoughts. Usually I would use my iPod for the background, but I wasn’t in the mood today. It’s good to walk without an iPod, though it creates a nice soundtrack. You just turn…

The Conclusion

4 months, 17 countries, 28 cities, 16 museums, 5 trails, 40 brands of chocolate, 10 books, 10 pieces of art, a few movies, 1 song, 12 flavors of soukos and 2 NASA astronauts later…

The Farewell

16.12 It’s over. Yes, it really is. Yet I can’t take it in. Slept for barely a few hours tonight – again. Ate almost nothing all day. I guess I’ve never gotten that many hugs in my entire life.

The Last Day

Crazy, stressful, sad, exciting. Woke up to have breakfast with Sasha and two lifelong learners I’ve never talked to before. Filmed Rachel for my documentary. Rehearsed an acting piece for the re-entry event. It was a sad scene, and I cried. And then we run through it again and I cried again.

Cuba, day 3: Lenin, Chocolate and Kindness

The irony of my being in Cuba was that I got charged for a visa even that I didn’t need one (being Russian), and that everything was so cheap but I couldn’t buy anything, because for some reason they didn’t exchange rubles and I was totally out of euros. I yearned to go to that…

Cuba, day 3: The Hemingway Trail

My Jewish luck – “adventure luck” – played a trick on me again in Cuba. I really wanted to go to the SAS Hemingway tour on the last day, but really didn’t want to spend any money on it. At last I decided to buy the ticket from a girl who didn’t want it, and…

Cuba, day 2: So You Want to Swim… Or Dance?

Beach. Sea. Swim swim swim. That’s pretty much all I was thinking about, shame on me. But on my quest to find the perfect blue water I’ve never been so close to my goal: Cuban beaches are world famous. And though I knew I won’t be able to make it to Varadero, I still wanted…