An Updated Guide to Successful Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing, no doubt, is a fantastic platform. It not only helps you save money on accommodations during your travels, but also allows you to meet very special people with unique lifestyles and philosophies. Yet using it can still be a challenge for beginners.

Packing Secrets: Travel Light, Travel Long

I’ve been often asked: “How do you manage to travel for months with just one small backpack?” Indeed, how? Is that some kind of a mystical craft – or rather a matter of attitude? Truth is, packing is but a skill to learn and refine. Here’s my look at the issue.

Treasure Hunting of Travel, or How to Get Them Good Prices

My friends, as soon as I tell them about some upcoming adventures, always shake their heads. Hearing about my travel plans, people for some reason assume I’m a millionaire or something. But seriously, you don’t need that much money to travel the world. I’ll share my own treasure hunting experience – flights, places to stay,…

Away From Barcelona: Montserrat

Well damnn, what a day! Decided to take a break from the city and go to Montserrat, a local sacred mountain that is home to a famous monastery. Took a train from Barcelona, then the rack train up the mountain, straight to the monastery. We were a bit unfortunate, yet again: both the cable car…