“Permesso, permesso!”

“Christmas tree stolen from famous Naples shopping gallery within 24 hours”. What a great start to my trip, thought I.

New Travel Scams: World Life Experience

Can we talk about the new type of online scams out there? It’s a scam targeting the young travel-hungry audience. The bait is juicy: an opportunity of a lifetime to travel a particular country/the world for free.

Tel Aviv Deja Vu

Love such stories. So a few months ago, while in Venice, I stumbled upon a little shop in the Jewish quarter. The paintings were by Michal Meron, an artist whose works caught my eye right from the start.

Taglit/Birthright: A Gift From Israel

Throughout this blog I’ve mentioned various locations, programs and activities; however, they all cost me something, as little as it could be. The program I just returned from is 99,9% free – all you have to do is find some Jewish heritage.

That Day I Went Hiking Barefoot

There are some days when you know you’re up to doing something crazy, but you never quite know the degree of crazy. That day, apparently, the sky was the limit, because I did what I wasn’t even planning to do: I hiked the Lagoon.

Go To Tver: An Adventure In Miniature

Of all the places in the world, the last one I would’ve thought of finding myself in would be Tver. A small rural city somewhere in between St. Petersburg and Moscow, with half a million inhabitants – tiny for someone like me who grew up in a 15-million city.

Travel, Failure, And The Lessons They Teach Us

You know, travel is kind of awful. Everyone telling you the opposite is certainly paid by some secret service. These endless lines at the airport, annoying security, constant delays! Heavy luggage and packing headache! Lost baggage, found baggage, damaged baggage!

Flights and olives

This is actually a not-so-funny travel story, minus the circumstances. So I was supposed to fly to Missoula, Montana today. I set my alarm for 5 am to catch the 9 am flight and went to bed soundly. Only to wake up at seven, because I must have vividly dreamt setting the alarm for 5…

Roadtrippin’ Around USA

Roadtrip is the ultimate travel genre, pretty much a keystone of travel. You constantly move forward, exploring the unknown. And some places offer more than others for roadtrippers-to-be. Europe and North America, to begin with!

On The Road Again: Back To New York

Even when I was purchasing those cheap tickets to the summer New York I barely believed I would make it. For some reason I felt like something would pop up and interrupt my new adventure. Nevertheless, I’m here!