Taglit/Birthright: A Gift From Israel

Throughout this blog I’ve mentioned various locations, programs and activities; however, they all cost me something, as little as it could be. The program I just returned from is 99,9% free – all you have to do is find some Jewish heritage.

Travel Construction And The Benefits of Self-Made Trips

Sawasdee ka! I’ve organized plenty of trips for myself and my parents, but never actually constructed a real so-to-call “vacation”- which includes sun, a snug beach by the ocean, and some delicious exotic food. This year we opted for a change – and headed to Krabi.

Oops, I Did it Again (Travel Bug)

They say there’s always an angel on your right shoulder and a devil on your left. Well, I don’t know which of them keeps doing it, but as soon as I got back from Barcelona, I started looking for flight and accommodation options for my mom. She wanted to go to Budapest in April; I…

Cuba, day 3: The Hemingway Trail

My Jewish luck – “adventure luck” – played a trick on me again in Cuba. I really wanted to go to the SAS Hemingway tour on the last day, but really didn’t want to spend any money on it. At last I decided to buy the ticket from a girl who didn’t want it, and…

Luxembourg, Reims, Paris

So. 1:53 am, Paris, Hostelling International. Bonne nuit, why! Woke up in the morning, Luxembourg outside the window. Marvelous local breakfast with some delicious fresh-baked bread, cheese and ham. All around – forests and beautiful green fields.

Off On An Adventure

Written at 12 pm – my Internet provider still totally blocks wordpress. In six hours I have to head to the airport. Well of course nothing is packed, and by nothing I mean nothing. But the golden rule is – if you forget something outside the packing list, which only has essentials, then you don’t…

Oh Those Visas, pt. 2

For the next two days I waited for the answer. Finally I got one – from the first secretary of the embassy. I spent half an hour, describing my situation. He responded in four words: “come see me tomorrow”. So I did. It was quite embarrassing. Why was it? Well because in 14 years of…